Has your precious childhood doll been stored away in a drawer in pieces for as long as you can remember ?

Does one of the dolls in your own collection feel loosely strung ?

Here at Diane’s Dolls we offer a professional re-stringing service for your elastic strung dolls including antique bisque, composition, hard plastic and vintage elastic strung vinyl dolls such as Sasha, vintage teenage fashion dolls.. even Action Man is welcome here!

**Professional doll re-stringing prices**

Dolls up to 16″ in height = £25.00

Dolls up to 21″ in height = £35.00

Dolls up to 28″ in height = £45.00

All prices include return journey home within UK.

Return time is currently: 7-10 working days.

Please Contact us with details of the doll you wish to have restrung.


If you prefer to re-string your own dolls we can also help.. on the Doll Supplies page you’ll find various sizes of elastic cord for your doll restringing needs.

This is the same re-stringing cord that we use in our professional doll restringing clinic so rest assured it is of professional quality.


Add yours

  1. Hi Diane!

    I just wanted to say how very pleased I am with the re-stringing of my childhood Pedigree doll. She looks as good as new, and ready to start a new life with my little 3-year old great, great niece!

    The service provided was excellent in every way and very competitively priced!

    Thankyou so much!


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