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Here at Diane’s Dolls I offer a professional re-stringing service for your antique/vintage elastic strung bisque, composition, ceramic and hard plastic dolls with the added option of “Dolly Spa” surface clean if desired. 

I also specialise in vintage elastic strung vinyl dolls such as Sasha dolls, First Love dolls, vintage Sindys, Bild Lili.. even Action Man is welcome here!. 

Doll Re-string & Dolly Spa Price List

Doll re-string for dolls up to 15″ in height – £25.00

“Dolly Spa” surface clean for dolls up to 15″ in height – £10.00

Doll re-string for dolls 16″ to 21″ in height – £35.00

“Dolly Spa” surface clean for dolls 16″ to 21″ in height – £15.00

Doll re-string for dolls 22″ to 25″ in height – £45.00

“Dolly Spa” surface clean for dolls 22″ to 25″ in height – £20.00

Doll re-strings for dolls over 25″ in height from £55.00 

“Dolly Spa” surface clean for dolls over 25″ in height from £25.00

Popular Dolly Packages

21 inch hard plastic walking doll package (head and arms re-string, mechanism oiled and “Dolly Spa” hard plastic clean) – £50.00

**Baby Sasha doll re-string and “Dolly Spa” vinyl clean – £35.00**

**16 inch Sasha doll re-string and “Dolly Spa” vinyl clean – £50.00**


** Please note.. Sasha dolls are re-strung with white elastic and the old cord is date tagged and placed back inside the torso cavity (by popular request).

Your doll will be returned to you via free standard post within the UK, however you’re welcome to upgrade to next day delivery services for an extra £6.00 if desired.

Please note visits are by appointment only and currently only doorstep drop off/pick up basis permitted. 

Dolly return time is currently: 7-10 working days.

Please fill in the contact form below and I’ll get right back to you… Diane x 


Add yours

  1. Thanks to Diane
    My first love doll has been restrung perfectly,I had to put my trust in Diane to repair my doll after my first attempt to get her repaired was botched by another repair shop . Who even drilled holes in her joints
    Although I have never met Diane all correspondence where done by email .in which she gained my trust to do a good job of a bad repair experience.
    So I would highly recommend Diane .
    Thank you
    Julie x


  2. Mum has a doll ‘Caroline’ that has been in parts for 60+ years, 5 house moves and house fire didn’t help it’s cause although Mum still cherished her.

    Following a chat with my brother and sister, we decided to try and get it repaired. I found Diane’s dolls and bears was in the same city as me and a plan was born.

    I contacted Diane and we agreed a restoration plan.

    To say Mum was shocked and pleasantly surprised to see ‘Caroline’ looking as she was 60+ years ago was amazing.

    Sadly ,due to current conditions, I wasn’t able to be there in person although I was able to join them on screen.

    Thank you Diane for all your help in restoring the doll from basically a box of doll parts back to a well loved and cherished childhood item again.

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  3. My sasha dolls had been neglected in storage, their limbs and heads fallen off and looking very sad. I’m so glad I sent them to Diane, she has done a brilliant job of restringing and cleaning them – I couldn’t believe how refreshed they looked. Diane was also great to communicate with, even whilst moving house, friendly, helpful and efficient. Many thanks Diane!

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  4. Diane Just to say doll returned to us safely.
    She’s beautiful many thanks delighted with the difference the work you have done on her has made.
    Best wishes Lisa

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  5. Hi Diane … as usual a lovely re-string for my very precious vintage MA Cissette. I knew she would be in safe hands. You are one of the most trusted dealers and I’ve enjoyed buying from you and keeping up with your web-site. Thanks so much … Bonnie

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  6. What can I say but a big big ‘Thank You’ for the wonderful service I had from Diane. Mary, my Mum’s doll, needed re-stringing and Diane was the lady who made Mary whole again. It’s made both me and my Mum so happy and memories relived. The updates and contact were very much appreciated as sending something as precious, and old (70Yrs), was a chance, but we not have worried as Diane did us proud. Thank you so much, your services will be recommended.

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  7. I sent my Mum’s 70 year old doll Mary to Diane for her to be re-strung. All I can say is ‘Thank you’ for the incredible service and for making both me and my Mum very happy. Mary arrived back safe and sound and looks amazing. Thank you for being so warm and friendly, keeping us up to date with what was happening and for creating a wonderful memory for my Mum. Bless you Diane and best wishes Marianne

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  8. Hi Diane!

    I just wanted to say how very pleased I am with the re-stringing of my childhood Pedigree doll. She looks as good as new, and ready to start a new life with my little 3-year old great, great niece!

    The service provided was excellent in every way and very competitively priced!

    Thankyou so much!


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